Citizen Science for Report Cards (June 2017)

There is growing discussion around how citizen science can contribute to the goals and priority actions for regional report cards that aim to synthesize catchment and marine data to inform policy and management actions, as well as communicate with the wider communicate about the health of their region. Citizen science is on the radar as a way to potentially contribute locally relevant data, build community understanding of indicators and provide stewardship pathways. 

In April 2017, our coordinator joined the Technical Advisory Group for the Fitzroy Basin Report Card to showcase citizen science programs and discuss potential synergies. Team members had the chance to try citizen science programs first hand on Heron Island, then reviewed the proposed case study with Reef Check Australia to 

In June 2017, Fitzroy Partnership for River Health released the results of a project with Reef Check Australia to develop a supplementary reporting page to share relevant Reef Check Australia data citizen science data that is complimentary to information provided in the annual Fitzroy Basin Report Card. This project provides an example of locally-relevant citizen science information to complement Marine Monitoring Program data and explore alignment of data for Report Card indicators. 

In September 2017, we had the chance to join the Regional Report Cards annual strategic workshop hosted by Queensland Governemnt to share some case studies on potential citizen science connections. It has been identified as an ongoing discussion point for report card partnerships moving forward.